TITERA Innovative technologies


      • Owner and managing director of TITERA technology consulting, Slovenia/Germany
      • Textile and clothing technology engineer specialising in wearer comfort
      • Board member of the European Society for Protective Clothing (ESPC)
      • Expert committee member of the WG for CEN / TC 248 WG31 for Smart Textiles-Electronic
      • Expert at the DIN workshop "Smart Clothing – Active luminous warning vests", Berlin
      • Member of the Smarttex Network in Thuringia, Germany
      • Textile Association & President of Quality Association of Pomurje
      • Guest lecturer at the University of Hasselt, Belgium
      • Evaluator of research and development projects for the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
      • Associate advisor at TCBL: Textile & Clothing Business Labs
      • Technology scouting (smart textiles – electronic – innovations for traditional textile and human comfort)
      • Certified consultant for the Enterprise Europe Network Thuringia
      • Co-author of the scientific monograph "Theory and Applications of Heat Transfer in Humans": Whole-Body Human Computational Models and the Effect of Clothing
      • Consultant – audited and approved by the European Commission – for innovation audits in small and medium-sized enterprises


      • Daniela was born in Slovenia, but feels at home in Germany and all over Europe.


» Tuesday, 28. April, 13:30 - Smart Personal Protective Equipment and their role in the field of artifical intelligence